I am an emerging artist who recently completed a Master of Fine Arts from OCADu. My work has utilized printmaking, and new media sculpture. These days, I work hard to bring weird inventions to life. Check out my artist's website.

I've been lucky enough to have a nice amount of exhibition opportunities, including solo exhibitions in Georgian College's Campus Gallery, as well as the gallery VERSO, on Toronto's Queen Street West. I also work as an educator at Georgian College, and the Innisfil Public Library and Idealab.

This Shop

This shop is a place to put the neat t-shirt ideas I have from time to time. The text based shirts include phrases generated by a semi-random process where the next word is generated on the probability of it occurring after the current word. This process is called Markov chaining, and the implementation used here is the Markovify library, developed at BuzzFeed.

The photo shirts include images I have taken with my Polaroid SX-70 camera. The camera is a folding SLR, and when released in 1972, it was Polaroid's first integral film camera. My first exposure to the SX-70 was the video embedded below, in which it just seems so marvelous.

Anyway, check out the shirts